What services include at the End of tenancy cleaning?

What services include at the End of tenancy cleaning?

You are moving from property to others and plan to give the key back to landlords. The landlord must want the proper inspection before giving back your security deposit. So you must plan to do complete checkout cleaning by yourself or hiring a professional End of the tenancy cleaning company.

This cleaning includes cleaning all the areas and corners of the property, so make a checklist that will not let you forget any part. 

Here I list services that include at the End of tenancy cleaning and help you make the cleaning checklist.


Kitchens are the most usable parts in the house and may have many scratches. Clear all the cabins and draws. The end of tenancy cleaners London will clean inside out of the places with wet clots and immediately dry with dry clothes. 

Do not forget the oven and hob. There must be a thick layer of grease inside the hob and oven if it’s not regularly cleaned before, so you need to put extra effort there.

Living room

Clean all the cabin’s bookshelves and coffee tables. There must be extra decoration pieces that may require additional care while cleaning.

The living room is mostly in the house’s center and has open windows, requiring dusting and vacuuming extensively. The end of tenancy cleaners London will clean the living room is more time consuming than all other areas.


For the wooden furniture, you need to assess the scratches and scuff marks on it. For more significant issues, you need to hire a professional end of tenancy cleaners London, and for minor problems, you can use different solutions available and make those marks clear.

Ensure that furniture is odorless, hair-free, especially when you are a smoker or living with children.


Assess the walls regarding any mark or scratch on the walls. Do not wash the walls. Try to cover that with paints. The end of tenancy cleaners London will clear the holes on the walls if you hang the wall painting on it.

Many wall corners grow the molds, make them clear properly, and inform the landlord regarding that. Do not paint the mold, let the landlord do that, or only try to remove it.


Clear the cabins of the washroom and clean that with a wet cloth. Scrub everything, including tiles, sink, mirror, and toilet. Ensure that the drainage system works appropriately and lets the quick water flow. Clear if any submerge occurs in the tabs or shower.


Clean all the house’s windows from inside and outside. If there is any crack in the window’s mirror, arrange to replace it unless it comes across the landlords or inspectors team’s eyes.

Windows are the first part that makes an excellent or lousy impression of cleaning and hygienic conditions.

Carpets and curtains

Wash all the carpets and rugs properly and dry with care. There must be some stains of juices or coffee on it that requires extra effort to cleanIf you are not going to wash, then vacuum effectively so that all the dust goes away.

According to their fabrics, the curtains and blinds of windows wash them properly and dry in suitable conditions.

Hallways or stairs

Hallways and stairs are the most commonly usable parts in the house, and it leaves the first impression on any person coming in. The rugs and carpets require steam cleaning to remove all the dirt. The End of Tenancy Cleaners London will come fully equipped with a steam cleaning machine to clean your carpets.


If there are any exterior portions of the house like a balcony or any garden on the ground floor, make sure it’s clean and adequately watered the plants. If there is a flowerbed in the garden, make it in order. The entrance gate may also need your attention, so keep a look at that as well.